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Where It All Began

While perusing Craigslist one morning, we came across the posting for a 1966 delivery truck and knew it had to be ours. Did we have a business plan? No! Did we have the funding? No! We just knew it had to be ours and that everything else would fall into place. She had so much character and we were instantly attracted. We spent hours hob-nobbing with the owner and bought her before we left that day.


After the purchase, we folded out some chairs, made some cocktails and had a backyard brainstorm session. Within twenty minutes, The Swig Rig was born.


We have since transitioned the tap truck as a marketing vehicle for our brewery, Boss Rambler Beer Club, but we added a new rig to the fleet. The trailer bar will allow us to service events outside of the Central Oregon area.


About us

We, Kate and Maddy, are two friends living in Bend, OR. We have both worked in the bar and craft beer industry and wanted to take our expertise to the streets! The Swig Rig fulfills our dream of bringing a little femininity and funk to the beer industry.