The Swig Rig | Swig Rig Mobile Bar | Beverage Catering | Bend, Oregon
Meet the Swig Rig Fleet. We do beverage catering from our two vintage mobile bars.
Mobile Bar, Bend Oregon, Swig Rig, Cocktail Catering, Beverage Catering, Ritzy Rig, Swiggy
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Meet The Fleet


Swiggy is a renovated 1966 White Motor Company refrigerated truck equipped with 5 beverage taps. Swiggy brings vintage charm and a fun, funky aesthetic to any event.


Ritzy is a fully restored 1962 “canned ham” travel trailer boasting a two tap kegerator and mini fridge. Elegant and sophisticated, Ritzy will add some glitz and glamour to your party.

Rent one of our unique vintage rigs today!